day 1 it's all at your fingertips

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day 1 it's all at your fingertips

the wait is over (and you made it through labor)! happy birthday to your sweet baby and a big congrats to you mama!  your nursery now has that one of a kind newborn smell. you can’t help but stare at your baby for hours and every little movement is a wonder. take things as they come, you’ve been in the care of a nurse or doula for the last couple days and it’s normal to question if you’re doing things “right” or if you feel out of practice. rest assured, no matter how intense things seem, you are everything your baby needs.

since feedings now take at least thirty minutes or more, we know you’ll be staring at your phone a lot, so start using technology to make life more manageable. here is a list of our top 10, tribe approved, most loved mama apps!
  • one of our favorites is a good nursing app, (we like baby bundle app) so you can remember when the baby ate and if you’re nursing, what side is up next (gets hard at 3am). this app allows you to keep track of everything from nursing, to diapers, to daily activities.
  • before you know it, you’re photo library is going to triple in size. if you don’t use google photos already, it’s a must have! the app stores all your pictures in the cloud, available to you at any time, backed up, and clears the space on your device.
  • we can’t live without prime now by amazon. you are going to think of things at 2am that you need, literally everything (even groceries) are available to you in a short amount of time.

check out the others that made our top 10 list!

  • nuunest, iOS
  • baby bundle, iOS
  • life cake, iOS
  • wonder weeks, iOS
  • prime now, iOS
  • google photos, iOS
  • relax, iOS
  • trekaroo, iOS
  • playground buddy, iOS
  • task rabbit, iOS

we would love for you to tell us any tips that have personally helped you through today or this first week. leave a comment and help support the mom tribe.