day 2 another trimester?

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day 2 another trimester?

just when you thought you were done with trimesters, you are entering yet another new phase of (post) pregnancy, the fourth trimester. just like the trimesters before, it’s a time of extreme hormonal shifts. you will experience a lot of emotional dips this week. the smallest thing can trigger uncontrollable tears and you might have moments when you don’t even know why you’re crying. you are not a crazy person and you are not alone. this is just the fourth trimester hormones paying you a visit and the release of these hormones is all part of the healing and rebalancing process.

regardless of the way you delivered, you will need time to rest and heal. your body has been through a lot. you’re tired and in pain. the healing process can be slow and cause anxiety, not to mention the exhaustion is setting in. this is normal and you will sleep again, we promise!

for now, find comfort when you can and take some time to just breathe. enjoy some candle light and a warm cup of tea to find a moment of peace. read and take in the affirmation on the back of your daily theme card in today’s present. for a deeper relaxation, try a self guided ten minute meditation to restore some balance and clear your mind.

here are a few of our mom tribe quick tips to make the transition just a bit easier.
  • take advantage of any help that is offered to you and your family. people are eager to do something for you and the family.
  • don’t be afraid to verbalize how you are feeling to your spouse or loved ones. if you are feeling depressed or feeling some baby blues, start keeping track of the emotions you are having throughout the day. if you are having more negative emotions than positive for more than a few days, talk to your doctor.
  • if family, friends or neighbors are wondering how they can help you, request a meal train. the last thing you'll want to think about is preparing a meal.
  • reschedule visitors if you aren’t up to it yet, there will be plenty of time in the future to meet the new baby.
  • call a trusted friend or fellow mama for advice if you are unsure of something.
  • drink plenty of water and don’t forget to eat, especially if you are breastfeeding. drink a full glass of water after every time you nurse or feed your baby.
after the birth of my second child, a friend shared this article by sarah ockwell-smith with me that introduces the fourth trimester from the baby's perspective. it provides great empathy and understanding for what the baby is going through. while some of the tips are a bit controversial, the overall intention of the article is beautiful.

    we would love for you to tell us any tips or information that have personally helped you through today or this first week. leave a comment and help support the mom tribe!