day 4 don't sweat it

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day 4 don't sweat it

while it varies by a couple days for every mom, you can expect your milk to come in soon. this means the drops of yellowish colostrum will transition to a thinner, flowing, whitish milk. let’s be real, your boobs are huge and hurting. warm compresses or hot showers can help relieve the pain (engorgement) from your milk coming in. and when the milk comes in, cue the night sweats! you’ll wake up drenched and cold or steaming hot, just another perk of the fourth trimester. try sleeping in light clothes on top of a towel to absorb the moisture and save your sheets! if you are breastfeeding, be prepared, have your pump and parts ready for action. it’s helpful to pump for up to twenty minutes after feedings to stimulate milk production. if you aren’t using lanolin or a nipple butter already, try some! it helps to ease sensitivity and pain. we love the earth mama brand because it’s safe for baby to consume and can bring relief with just one application. 

if i'm the first to introduce you to kellymom, you're welcome! it has an insane amount of useful information for all things mom and baby. in fact, when I polled my mom tribe, it was the number one resource they turned to for quality answers. here is a post they published if you are looking for more information on your milk coming in.

at some point today, take a moment for you. breathe, jot down some thoughts, and reflect on the beautiful life you’ve created. maybe it’s a special moment with baby that you don’t want to forget. focus on expressing your emotions rather than keeping them inside.