day 3 a walk in the park

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day 3 a walk in the park

it’s been almost a week and it’s time to move. take baby for a stroll outside and get some fresh air and vitamin d. it’s amazing how you’ll feel seeing your little bundle and you ready to experience the world again. it’s time to show off your adorable new baby.

not to worry if you haven’t washed your hair in days, dry shampoo or a hat will become your new best friend. It will keep dirty hair looking fab and help you forget that you haven’t showered in days. some simple stud earrings, lip balm and a hat can be all you need to feel presentable again. if you were gifted a belly basket, you might just have some of these go to items to rock on your outing.

if you aren't sure what to pack in the diaper bag, pinterest has a lot of newborn diaper bag checklists. here's one that seems like a good balance between being prepared but not being mary poppins.

if you’ll be on a walk or in a place with a lot of people, bring your 5-in-1 cover you opened on day one. when it comes to newborn babies, people temporarily lose their spacial awareness. they want to touch (eww germs) and get as close as possible to those tiny hands and soft cheeks. with the cover, you won’t have to worry about people getting too close and baby can rest while you enjoy some well needed sunshine.

if you are opening your last present today, we want you to know how grateful we are to spend a few extra minutes celebrating you on this journey of motherhood. we are here for you! check out the next few days and beyond for more tips from the tribe!

what are your must have diaper bag items that other mamas might forget to pack? leave us a comment so we can add it to our mom tribe tips!