day 5 sleep like a baby

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day 5 sleep like a baby

you and baby have come so far in a little under a week! the exhaustion will remain a constant though, so take full advantage of whatever sleeping opportunities come your way. have you heard of a low-blue light night light? if you have a hard time getting back to sleep after night wakings and feedings, it can actually be the blue light emitted from your phone or nursery keeping you awake. the low-blue light supports your natural melatonin levels so you and baby can fall back asleep easier.

if you are a first time mom, sleep when your baby is sleeping in the morning hours. keep the feed/sleep cycle going until you feel rested (even if it's past lunch) and then get up and start your day. everything else can wait, and take it from a mom of multiple kiddos, you won’t have this luxury again.

these first few weeks are very much two steps forward, one step back. in time though, you will start to notice feedings become easier, you will understand baby’s cues better, night time wakings become more predictable, baby’s sleep/wake clock gets on track with yours, your pregnancy belly deflates and the pain gradually gets better. before you know it, you’ll be missing these precious newborn moments, so soak them in! celebrate one of life’s most magical experiences and the fact that you’re doing it! you are forever transformed and have a new membership to the mom tribe! congrats mama!

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leave a comment and share your secrets with us! we'd love to hear from you mama! what was your moved loved item you received that helped out during this first week?