our mission

somewhere between conversations about our littles and juggling all that is required of being a mom, we found a moment to connect on a higher calling, to spread love to all mothers and unite each other on this journey.

so, we gave birth (again!) to a little company called coconut + caramel. women are the heart of our company and from the first days of motherhood to those days when we just need a break, we believe women need support. so we designed products to do just that. 

it started with the dutch tradition of the mom basket being a beloved gift among our own mom tribe. we were inspired to bring it to market and in a cluttered space of gift-gifting, we knew our products would be more than just a pretty gift-box (which they are that too!). every product was designed by a local woman-maker, with an intention to ignite your spark. whether it be a new mom's gift basket or a stress-relieving candle, she'll feel the support of her tribe. and better yet, included in every gift is a curated note with words of affirmation to lift her spirits.

we have two daughters each and aspire for them to be confident, conscious young women. women who know their voices have purpose, value, and the power to create endless opportunities. in alignment with our mission, we have partnered with young women empowered. through intercultural collaboration and creative programs, they are able to equip girls with the confidence, resiliency, and leadership skills needed to achieve their goals and improve their communities. through every purchase of supporting new moms, we are able to then ignite the leadership potential of young women from diverse backgrounds.

motherhood is a journey. it requires always giving more of yourself. it is overwhelming and emotional. it is incredibly rewarding. it pushes you to your limits. it makes you feel like a superhero. above all of these emotions though, it’s a gift. a unique privilege and we honor all moms who are doing the very best they can on their own journey. if you're seeking support on your own journey, we're here for you. Find us on instagram, #newmomtribe.


Kate & Tracy, Co-Founders, Coconut + Caramel