what is this tradition of multi-day gift giving?

in my earliest moments of motherhood, I was given a gift that was extremely unique. my sister gave me a gift box, and inside the box were gifts for me to open both at my baby shower and every day for the first 5 days after my daughter was born! my sister had discovered this unique tradition of multi-day gift giving as she had recently moved to Holland, where most often women are given gifts after their babies are born. in Dutch culture visitors meet a new baby during a "kraambezoek" or a "maternity visit" and bring a box of gifts for the mother and her family. like the gift I had received, each gift is numbered for the day it should be opened, and is accompanied with a personal note. the tradition was passed on to me and it really left a positive mark on me when I experienced it for myself. Not only was it fun to open gifts after my daughter was born, but I also felt like my sister was there with me as I read her encouraging notes each day. this tradition lifted my spirits and was by far the most memorable gift I had received.

it left an impression on me, and as I started the tradition with my own tribe of mamas, I knew it wouldn't end there. the first weeks of motherhood are such a life-changing time, and having this little sprinkle of love and support really helps lift a new mamas spirits. we knew we had to share this gift with others and hope you too can carry this tradition on to support your own mom tribe. remember you will always have your mama tribe here at Coconut + Caramel, and we hope you enjoy your days of gifts!

- Tracy & Kate, Co-Founders, Coconut + Caramel